A percussion application which offers the performance of 18 kinds of instruments

"Percussions" is, as its name suggests, a new virtual musical instrument application which
offers the performance of 18 kinds of percussion instruments in high sound quality.

 As well as actual percussion instruments, everyone can play each sound by various methods
as follows: Tapping the screen, shaking the device, rolling the device, ...

 Moreover, favorite percussion instruments can be allocated to tabs in the tab bar and switched instantaneously.

 Also you can play percussion part of your favorite tunes with iPod music playback.

 A lot of unusual percussion instruments without seeing are included in this application.

But those sounds might have been heard many times. Let's liven up your music party by the sound of this application.


-Including 18 percussion instruments
  Agogo, Bell Tree, Bongo, Castanet,
  Claves, Conga, Cowbell, Cuica, Guiro,
  Maracas, Matraca, Scratch (Turn Table),
  Shaker, Tambourine, Timbales, Triangle,
  Vibraslap, Wood Block

-Various perform methods in answer to actual instrument
  Tapping the screen: Bongo, Castanet, etc.
  Rubbing the screen: Guiro, Cuica, Scratch, Matraca, etc.
  Pressing down the screen (for playing muted sound): Conga (High), Triangle, etc.
  Swinging the device downward: Cowbell, Timbales, etc.
  Shaking the device: Shaker, Maracas, etc.

-Low latency and real output sound by internal software synthesizer
  Reverb effect

 ※Please set animation off on the setting view when feeling that the response is not quick because of the model etc.

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