Okinawa/Japanese Traditional "Three Strings"

The "Sanshin" (Sanxian) is a traditional and very popular musical instrument in Okinawa.
Okinawa is beautiful islands located on the end of the southwest of Japan.
The Sanshin is indispensable to life of people in Okinawa with traditional "Shima-Uta" that means song of islands.
The Sanshin look like the shamisen that is the tradition musical instrument of Japan similarly. But, the performance method of the Sanshin is farther simpler than the Shamisen, and is friendly musical instrument.
In this application, proper finger positions are displayed by Chinese characters on the screen.
They also correspond to peculiar scores that is called "Kun-Kun-Shi" written by Chinese characters.
So, we hope you will enjoy playing the Sanshin even if you have not played the real one or any other musical instruments.
(Also you can play Sanshin part of your favorite tunes with iPod music playback.)
Please try and enjoy it.

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