Voice Conversion Model of "Kizuna Akari" & "Hanazono Kotone" Will Be Released Next Week!

Press Release

【Press Release】

On December 16, 2020, CRIMSON TECHNOLOGY, Inc.
will release two new voice conversion models of
"Kizuna Akari(CV: Yonezawa Madoka)" and "Hanazono Kotone(CV: Tamura Kyoka)",
following the release of Voidol Plugin Package and
the voice conversion model of "Yuzuki Yukari" and "Megpoid".

Today, CRIMSON TECHNOLOGY, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan / President: Kaz Hikawa) announced that
it will release new voice conversion models for Voidol, "Kizuna Akari" & "Hanazono Kotone" on December 16, 2020.
In Japan, the products will be available on Amazon.co.jp or Rakuten books.
Since the launch of the new business strategy toward "creating a market for AI entertainment",
CRIMSON TECHNOLOGY, Inc. has been developed R.C.voice technology, which can change a human’s voice into
a specific character’s voice in real time with machine learning.
The software version "Voidol Powered by R.C.voice" and
the VST plug-in version "Voidol Plugin Package" have already been released.
By using the voice conversion models together with the software, it is possible to change even the male voice into the cute girl's voice in real time.

【Voidol - New Voice Conversion Models】

○ Title
: Kizuna Akari (CV: Yonezawa Madoka)
: Hanazono Kotone (CV: Tamura Kyoka)
○ Detail : Voice Conversion Model for Voidol(Available on Windows and macOS)
○ Release Date  : December 16, 2020
○ URL : https://crimsontech.jp/apps/voidol/
○ Price 
: Kizuna Akari 4,500JPY
: Hanazono Kotone 3,800JPY
※Prices are subject to change without notice.

■ Kizuna Akari(CV:Yonezawa Madoka)
"Kizuna Akari" is a character who has a bright and loving voice.
She has the motto "She illuminates you all with her voice".

■ Hanazono Kotone(CV:Tamura Kyoka)
17-year-old girl who is a high school sub student leader.
She loves carrot, bread and Rakugo.
She is a calm person, but sometimes severe.

【What is Voidol?】

■The application changes your voice into a specific character’s voice on real-time.
Voidol can change your voice into a specific character’s voice on real-time by AI technology using R.C.voice system.
In the application, three voice conversion models have been installed (Otomiya Iroha -Female, Crimmzoh -Boy, Kanade Minato -Male).
Voidol won #1 in the Paid Apps category in Mac App Store and in the PC software category in Amazon.co.jp.

■ Various voice conversion models are available.
With the voice conversion models purchased separately in online store, you can convert your voice into more various character’s voice.
We provide a wide lineup of the voice conversion model from Crimson Technology's original characters
to popular characters such as Tohoku Zunko (CV:Sato Satomi), Tohoku Kiritan (CV:Akaneya Himika) ©SSS and Yoshidakun (CV:FROGMAN) © ️DLE.
We plan to add voice conversion models soon.
(Cannot be shared with Windows and macOS versions.)

【About AI real-time voice conversion system: R.C.voice】

R.C.voice is developed by CRIMSON TECHNOLOGY, Inc. in partnership with Prof. Toda Tomoaki, the specialist for voice, music, and sound information processing at the Information Technology Center, Nagoya University. R.C.voice is the industry’s first real-time voice conversion system by AI technology, which can change a user’s voice into a specific character’s voice. In addition to this app, it has already been introduced for business use in fields such as voice conversion for the show at theme park or for remote customer service.

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Publicist: Yoshinori Hatae
URL:https://crimsontech.jp/ email:voice@crimsontech.jp