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We have started selling Voidol products with SendOwl ​for the customers worldwide.
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Voidol is AI real-time voice conversion application which converts your voice into the character’s voice like cute girl or handsome man on real-time.
In the application, three voice conversion models have been installed (Otomiya Iroha -Female, Crimmzoh -Boy, Kanade Minato -Male)
Additional voice conversion models are now available!

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  • macOS
  • Windows

Voidol Plugin Package

Voidol Plugin Package is available.
Voidol Plugin Package is the VST3/AU plugin version of Voidol.
The plugin runs for DAW application and helps for music production or voice recording, such as changing your voice or song into the female idol voice or the popular character voice.

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Optional Voice Conversion Models

You can purchase the following voice conversion models with SendOwl.

・Koeno Tsubasa(CV: Koiwai Kotori)
・Tohoku Zunko(CV: Sato Satomi)
・Tohoku Kiritan(CV: Akaneya Himika)
・Yuzuki Yukari(CV: Ishiguro Chihiro)
・Kizuna Akari(CV:Yonezawa Madoka)

If you would like to purchase the voice conversion models not listed above, please contact us.

You can check all voice conversion models here.

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