R.C.voice  Character Usage Guideline


This Guideline defines the usage of images or characters of R.C.voice application software (hereinafter referred to as "APP") provided by CRIMSON TECHNOLOGY, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "CRIMSON").


1. Definition

"CHARACER" means all of the images, character designs, and names of the character which are used at voice-conversion model of "CRIMMZOH", "Cutie Alien PELORRO", "Koenno Tsubassa", or "Tohoku Zunko" (including the images/ designs/ names on CRIMSON's web pages for the promotion of the voice-conversion model )


2. Lisence

CRIMSON permits only individuals to publish and distribute the secondary creations of CHARACTER only for non-commercial use.


3. Addtional Permission

Users can use APP only for personal and non-commercial use. Please contact us in advance if you use CHARACTER for the purpose of following cases. Depending on usage model/purpose, additional licensing agreements may be reqired, including licensing fees.

(1) Commercial use

(2) Commercial and non-commercial use by a corporation


4. Changes to this Guideline

CRIMSON can change the contents of this guideline with the announcement of the change on it's website.


Contact Information



For inquiries regarding  "Tohoku Zunko”,Please see below for the details:

Tohoku Zunko Usage Guide


Effective date October 30 2017